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1. HIV And AIDS Awareness Compaign

Young people aged between 13-30 years are still lacking information on HIV a disease that does not discriminate any one can contract this disease, that is why it is important for students to be AWARE of how to protect themselves and prevent transmission of HIV.

HIV awareness days are perfect times for HIV and for those with HIV, getting and staying in health care, “Together we can increase HIV testing rates and decrease the transmission of AIDS”

We are working tiresomely with the government of Uganda, in order to put in place the: -

  • National women and girls HIV/AIDS awareness day.
  • National youth HIV and AIDS awareness day.
  • HIV long term survivors day.
  • National HIV/AIDS and aging awareness day.
  • World Aids day.


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2. Mosquitoes More Likely To Bite People With Lipoatrophy?

Lipoatrophy (Fat Loss), is a common side effect seen in people taking anti-HIV drugs, increases the chances of being bitten by mosquitoes. We encourage both the HIV positive and negative persons to sleep under treated mosquitoes nets because most of the immune system of HIV positive victims are weak which can’t fight any attack than the HIV negative.

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3. Prevention Of Mother-To-Child Transmission Of Hiv Campaign (Pmtct).

Mother-to-child transmission of HIV is the second most common factor of HIV transmission in Uganda.

Approximately 1.5 million women are expected to be pregnant each year. With the current HIV prevalence of about 7.2% this translates to about 10,000 pregnant women testing HIV positive annually. We normally advises and emphasize married couples and pregnant women to access antenatal care services, including HIV testing at PMTCT centres hence HIV positive pregnant women received prophylactic ARVS and their babies. Further this has reduced women who receive nevirapine during antenatal visits to return and deliver at the health facility and reduces miscarriages.

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4. Intervention In The Education Sector Compaign

The education and sports sector is a unique tool for spreading HIV and AIDS information and awareness. Because of organized infrastructure, it is cost effective and can reach a large audience of teacher / administrative staff, pupils and their parents, as well as supportive staffs both men and women outside the education main stream.


The most important work at Answering Prayer International has always been possible because of the kindness of people of good hearts - the volunteers.
Whether helping one infected person or tens/ houndreds, helping the affected people and providing support to the most vulnerable children; great rewards await for you in heaven.

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